You’re a whatnow?

I’ve just seen the question “What’s the BEST way to explain being a GIS person?” or some variant of it appear on one of the many GIS&T discussion boards on which I lurk come up again.It both saddens and frustrates

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Dear Australian Census Designers

Firstly, congrats on our first online census. That was awesome. I’ve heard there’s been some moaning but, humans + change = complaining, so no surprises there really! Being able to complete my submission on my phone after getting home from

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It’s been awhile…

Posting has always been sparse here, but this year has been utterly ridiculous due to the onset of a chronic migraine early this year that is only now being gotten under some level of control thanks to the tireless efforts

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NSW State Library #DigitiseMySuburb

The NSW State Library is digitising their historic subdivision plans! A news release posted yesterday has invited people to use social media to get their suburb to the top of the list by tweeting @StateLibraryNSW using  #DigitiseMySuburb Over 250 NSW towns

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Need some Button Clicking monkeys? Anyone?

There’s a great post (My GIS is Better Than Yours (and other Lies)) by John G. Van Hoesen yesterday over at the Directions Magazine website. He has hit upon a topic close to my own heart, which is this: The

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Above average across the continent…

As reported in enGuage – Sept 2013, In addition to the warmest 12-month period on record for Australia, the past 12 months have also seen: Australia’s: hottest summer day on record (7 January) warmest winter day on record (31 August)

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Why ARE you working on that?

I’ve followed Dangerously Irrelevant for a while now and, as I work through my Cert IV TAE, this post really struck a chord. I’m astounded at how often my children do things for class without understanding the bigger reasons behind

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